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Bat Speed in Slow-Pitch Softball

How to Hit for Power in Slowpitch Softball

Softball is a familiar and fun pastime that is enjoyed by many people. Everyone wants to make a great hit, bring the runners around, and maybe even get a home run. The following tips will help you increase the power of your swing for that great hit whether you are playing at the company picnic […]

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How to Care for Your Softball Bat

How to Care for Your Softball Bat – Aluminum vs. Composite

After your body, your bat is the most important tool for achieving great hits. It is important to take proper care of your softball bat so that you do not cause damage or void the warranty. This will guarantee that it lasts a long time. Breaking In Your Bat Many manufacturers’ composite bats require breaking […]

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Fastpitch vs Slowpitch Hitting – What’s The Difference?

Some people think that hitting is hitting and that transitioning from fastpitch to slowpitch or vice versa is simple. That is not the case. Yes, the general mechanics are very similar. The rules and the timing, however, are not. The Rules about Pitching and Hitting Softball rules specify the way the ball must be pitched. […]

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